Fashion & trend impulse jewelry. Leader in $5.00 & under giftware.

Specials for DM Merchandising, Inc.

  • Optimum Optical

    • Receive Net 90 dating on counter display RGL-108AS & DIS-RGL-108AS
    • Receive Net 180 dating on Floor Displays RGL-216AS & DIS-RGL-216AS

    Sunlily Sunglasses

    • Receive Net 90 on Sunlily Sunglasses Assort SUNG-48AS & DIS-SUNG-48AS and Bifocal Sunlily Readers Assort SUNGR-36AS & DIS-SUNGR-36AS


    • Receive Net 120 on FitKicks assortment FIT-48AS & DIS-FITKAS48 or DIS-FITKAS96 display

    All specials can be written on one order with dating given on programs as noted

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